Supporting Lifeworks at the RBL Newcastle

Jim Owens MD of Operation Veteran spent the day at the Royal British Legion in Newcastle upon Tyne supporting the Lifeworks team by helping to provide ‘real life’ interview techniques training for veterans who have recently left the armed forces.

In recent years, Jim has worked for Newcastle and Gateshead councils and colleges establishing and running employability training courses for the long-term unemployed. He was also a team Leader for Four Years at A4E, was responsible for setting up the ‘Gateway to work’ and has extensive experience in the development, design and delivery of training courses.

The day was well organised by the Lifeworks team and highly successful in building self esteem and developing the interview and job application skills of the veterans who participated.

This is an excellent initiative run by Lifeworks and encourages local organisations and their management teams around the country to provide training and guidance for our veterans, many of whom have left the services having never had to apply for a job or attend an interview since being a teenager.