Blowin' A Hooley Theatre

‘Blowing a Hooley’ theatre group visiting Operation Veteran

Great to see two up and coming young entrepreneurs and great actors, Harriet Ghost and Micky McGregor (remember the names) visiting the Operation Veteran Hub.

Having recently starred in a production of a play called ‘Dragon@ regarding a young veteran returning from Afghanistan and trying to come to terms with civilian life after the horrors of war, Harriet and Micky are creating their own play addressing veteran’s issues while serving in an operational deployment and are coming along to the group to meet veterans and to ask them discuss their own personal experiences.

They are also working with other veteran’s organisations and have recently been to Catterick.

They are striving for accuracy and realism and are desperately trying to come to terms with forces jargon and the unique sense of humour quite familiar to us all.
Haha, Good luck with that!

They have been welcomed into the group by all members and are enjoying the camaraderie and the banter from all sections of the armed forces and we are looking forward to seeing their completed play.